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Seminar paper collection

The general assembly will compile a collection named 2016 Thesis Collection of The 7th Guangdong Aluminum Processing Technology (International) Seminar. Outstanding thesis collected and archived will be recommended to A Aluminum Monograph (ISSN: ISSN 2313-4879) for publication in priority. The first author can get one copy of it. At the same time, 20 distinctive papers will be selected and awarded by the assembly and their authors can be arranged to make a speech in the meeting and exchange ideas with others. To those who have presented thesis to the conference for years, the authors will be honored and commended.

Topic scope of essays

1. On the application status of aluminum and its development direction in construction, rail transit, aviation, electronic appliances and packaging.

2. Topics on exploration of new technology, new technique, new crafts or new equipment technology in aluminum processing industry (melting, extrusion, rolling, die casting and surface treatment, mold manufacturing, door and window processing, etc.)

3. About energy saving and emission reduction in aluminum processing, or clean production technology, such as waste gas or waste water control and treatment, energy saving or water saving, or advanced technology for recycling;

4. On development and application of new materials of aluminum and aluminum alloy;

5. Related to equipment innovation of aluminum processing or related technology applications of its auxiliary materials;

6. About production management, ERP management or idea sharing on common problems in this industry.

Paper requirements

1. Papers must be composed with Microsoft Word. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. The author must take the responsibility related. Please write company names in the text with the unified form: a certain company or XX company instead of a company;

2. The content must be of practicability (with value for scientific research or production), economical efficiency (to be effective in reducing costs, improving quality, increasing the variety, or improving the economic efficiency of enterprises etc.) and innovation. Review papers must have the function of guidance.

3. The number of words of a paper generally shall not be more than 5000. Brief abstracts of the essay in both Chinese and English as well as a brief instruction of the first author must be attached (including name, executive title, professional title, employer, contact address, telephone number, E-mail, etc.).

Deadline for essays

The deadline for submitting essays is on September 30th, 2016. Please e-mail your essay receipt to the conference affairs service group before August 31 and the full essay before September 30. The e-mail address is: alpc@alpc.org.cn. Please mark "essay" as your mail title or subject.