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Seminar cooperation

Seminar cooperation is charge of "Guangdong Nanhai Pengbo Information Co.,Ltd".

Welcome the domestic and foreign related enterprises in support of this forum, we will promote the enterprises in a variety form, having intention cooperate enterprises fill in "Seminar Intentions Cooperation Registration Form”, and fax to +86 757 81188071.

(1) For enterprises providing supports: 10 their logos and names will be printed on all the background plates at the Seminar (the main venue, registration desk and representative card), including the release of corporate promotional materials on behalf. The number is 10 in total.

(2) Sponsors: sponsorship includes supports for welcome dinner, luncheon meeting, Seminar dinners, dinner summary, coffee breaks, gift, game and other recreational activities.

(3) New products statement release: RMB 2,000.00 / 15 minutes; a total of 10.

(4) Field stands: RMB 10,000.00 / each; international standard booths are offered on a first-served basis. Please refer to Attachment 2 for schematic diagram of field stands.

(5) Field billboard: RMB 3,000.00 / month; billboards will be set up at prominent places of the entrance of the Seminar building and offered on a first-served basis. Please refer to Annex 2 for schematic diagram of field billboards.

For more details with respect to business cooperation, please feel free to contact the business group of Guangdong Nanhai Pengbo Information Co.,Ltd.

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